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When a big site is just too big

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The Best Ideas are simple!

At Across Technology we offer a simple solution that allows everyone to have a  web presence.

The Weblet

A Weblet is a single page site that you could consider to be your web-pamphlet. Simply describe your business or product on a single A4 sheet. Use words and pictures to clearly describe your business or product and we will create the Weblet for you.

The Weblet is a business or product pamphlet you would have used to promote whatever you want.

You don't need your own domain we offer the use of ours like... 


You can link to your weblet from your Sensis, True Local or other social pages.

Our Goal

To provide the best service we can at an affordable price as an all inclusive deal to any customer not wanting a big multi-page site.

The site you are viewing now is one of our Weblets. You can use this model to get ideas on how best to present your online presence.

Only $150 AUD Inc GST per Year

Our product - "The Weblet"...

  1. A Weblet site of a single A4 page built for you by us.
  2. Two free edits before going live on our servers.
  3. Free use of our domain so you don't need to pay for your own.
  4. Pay only once for the whole year.
  5. Have as many weblets as you like.

How, you ask?

We have a large number of single page templates that are both colorfull and responsive.

We modify our Weblets quickly meaning you save big by not paying for things you do not need. Having a simple hosting process and not needing to have any third party involved again saves you money.

Using our domain "mihost.com.au" we place your business name or product name in front to give you a unique web address like myweblet.mihost.com.au.

This can then be linked to any or all of your other sites or back-links.


  • Standard Weblets
    Are you a member of a club you want to support? We will donate $10 to your club for each Weblet you buy.
  • Multiple Weblets
    Buy 5 Weblets and get one free.
  • Club Weblets
    Your club needs a web presence but not a big site. For an NFP, "not for profit", club we offer a 15% discount.
  • NFP Weblets
    If you are a not for profit organisation we are prepared to help your online presence by giving you a 20% discount.

Contact Details

Across Technology

2, 4 Sturt St South


Victoria 3136

Email: Across Technology Sales

Ph: 0481 362 743

No Email address

If you don't have an email address that you can use for your weblet you can have one like this...


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